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Product Guide

This Product Guide contains detailed information on WePackit equipment, company information and design considerations. 

This is an excerpt from the Product Guide, and gives valuable information on corrugate materials and designs, as they pertain to WePackit equipment and the Packaging Industry in general.

The 700CP is a small footprint fully automatic case packer. It includes all the necessary infeed/discharge conveying, collation and tooling required for your specific application.

The FP500 is a small footprint fully automatic case packer designed for flexible pouch applications.  It includes all the necessary infeed/discharge conveying, collation and tooling required to pack, nest or shingle your specific product.

The 310E is the robust workhorse that is used in applications requiring 22 cases/min for 24/7 in demanding environments.

The 350E is the high speed case packer that runs comfortably at 37 cases/min.  Its extended powered magazine reduces the time spent loading.

The 300TF Mechanical Tray Former is a heavy duty tray former designed for sustained 3 shifts per day production.  It is capable of erecting up to 35 trays per minute.

The 350CP Case Packer is a fully automatic high throughput case packer. It is capable of loading multiple cases at a time, enabling it to achieve fast speeds into trays, cases and dairy cases. Its product range has few limits, and comes complete with collation and tooling.

The 720E is the smallest footprint fully automatic case erector available. Either as a mobile stand-alone system for hand packing operation or integrated into a case packing line, the 720E will fulfill your packaging needs at 15 case/minute erector.

The 320E is the smaller version of the 310E, and is used in applications where floor space is at a premium.  It runs comfortably at 22 cases/min.

The 400TT is a fully automatic top case closer and top taper, and runs at up to 35 cases per minute.  Options include FOL, Tri-seal, top & bottom tape, and hot melt sealing.

The 250CE auto-bottom carton erector is a simple automation solution for the erection of pre-glued auto-locking cartons (cardboard or corrugate).

Corrugated Material
All you need to know about corugated boxes.


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