Company Profile

Wepackit Machinery is a manufacturer of automated case packing equipment. This includes case erecting, de-casing, top loading, closing and sealing. We also offer solutions that integrate our entire product line with connecting conveying and product manipulation.

Wepackit Machinery is a privately owned, independently operated company. Wepackit Machinery purchased the assets of Wepackit2009 Inc. and affiliated companies in May 2014 and has started operations in Durham; continuing to manufacture the previously offered product line.

In May of 2014, with new ownership, Wepackit Machinery relocated to our present manufacturing facility located in Durham, Ontario Canada. Wepackit Machinery is well situated to handle our valued North American customer's case erecting, case packing, case sealing and tray-forming requirements. Wepackit Machinery is very fortunate to have in place a very experienced agent network. Our objective is to provide robust, easy to operate, small footprint and economical automation solutions for our customers.


The WePackit Machinery case packer was introduced in 1987 as the MPM-250 (mechanical heads) and the MPV-250 (vacuum heads).

  • 1990: Model upgrade to MPM-300 and MPV-300
  • 2002: Model upgrade to 700CP

The high throughput packer was introduced in 1992 as the MPM-350

  • 1999: Servo version of machine became available as 400CP
  • 2003: Model upgrade to 350CP

The first erector was released in 1990 as the MPE-300

  • 1995: High speed model MPE-350 became available
  • 2001: 300EXL Model became available for oversized boxes
  • 2006: Model upgrade to 310E
  • 2006: Smaller footprint version became available as the 320E

The small footprint 720XL was introduced in 2000.

  • 2000: 720XLM model became available for oversized boxes
  • 2006: Model upgrade to 720E

The first tray former 300TF was released in 1994

  • 2002: Tri-seal version became available as the 300TF-TS


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