The 700CP is a cantilevered design case packer. It is capable of loading at a rate of 10 cycles per minute, utilizing a load length of up to 32”. Its inverted “U” shaped cam track enables the tooling to travel vertically for the pick and load portion of the cycle.


The 700CP is a cost effective, extremely robust fully automatic case packaging solution. It includes all the necessary infeed/discharge conveying, collation and tooling required for your application. Our history proves that it is applicable for a wide variety of industries including dairy, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, bakery, automotive, oil, chemical, adhesive, paper, etc. This simple system applies commonsense & dependable designs that focus on your bottom line.

Speed & Precision (without the price tag)
Without the use of over-complex, burdensome and costly servo technology, the 700CP is able to achieve moderate to high speed case packing through the use of VFD driven AC motors.  These cost savings are passed on to the Customer.
  • Bottles & Cans (400 per minute)
  • Cartons (240 per minute)
  • Dairy Tubs (120 per minute)
  • Thermoform Trays / Clamshells (90 per minute)
  • Large Sacs / Side Gusseted Bags (60 per minute)
  • 18” x 32” Pick Area @ 10-12 cycles/min.
    Highly Customizable
    The 700CP provides an enormously flexible platform for your ever changing needs. The top load design allows for quick, simple and accurate tooling changeovers between package sizes and types.
    Our Design, Construction & Support Philosophy
  • Robust components for demanding environments
  • Apply the appropriate level of technology for the application (avoid servos/cost where possible)
  • Study the package and focus on product registration
  • Automation is a means to an end; cases-out-the-door is what counts for customers
  • Strive to deliver the bests possible R.O.I.
  • Service & support the client without any compromise
    Utilities & Air
  • 220V/3/60 NEMA 12 main enclosure
  • 7CFM (80PSI)

    Paint Cans
    Pharmaceutical Bottles Lg
    Pharmaceutical Bottles Sm
    Register Receipt Rolls
    Gable Top Cartons
    Baby Wipes
    Cheese Blocks
    Banjo Style PET Bottle
    750ml Wine Bottle
    Tapered Cups
    1 gal. Plastic Jar
    F-Style Jugs
    20oz Round PET Bot. 6pk.
    Clamshells - Large
    Oil Bottles