The 400TT is a fully automatic top case closer and taper / sealer.  This system will accept up to 35 cases per minute closing and sealing top flaps. The 400TT is an independent system which is often integrated into fully automatic case packing systems due to its dependability.  Built in accordance with our standard and robust construction principles, the 400TT is typically 2 to 3 times heavier as compared to light-duty style machines.  Allowing for ease of maintenance, all components are easily sourced, meeting U.S. and Canadian Standards.



Sequence Of Operation
An on-demand and fully automatic system, the 400TT will accept a single loaded corrugate case per cycle.  The case body is secured within positive gripping side belts (ensuring case squareness and consistent entry). As the case enters the system, the leading top minor flap is plowed down into position and the trailing minor flap actively closed by a pneumatic arm.  Major flaps are then plowed down to close position and the case is pulled across the 2” tape head, taped and discharged.

Optional Features
  • Hot melt applicator
  • Top & bottom case taping
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Low level tape alert
  • Electrical (480/3/60)
  • Left or Right Hand operation
  • FOL top flap and alternate flap
  • Sequence folding
  • Bottom belt to aid in transporting overweight cases through the system

    Utilities & Air

  • 220/3/60 NEMA 12 - 5CFM (80PSI)
    Case Range (inches)
    Length x Width x Depth  
    6" 5.5" 5" Min
    24" 18" 14" Max

    *oversize case beyond noted range possible


    On-Demand Small Case
    Dairy Case HQP
    Dairy Case 6-1 Gal
    Dairy Case 4-1 Gal
    Dairy Case 2-5 lb
    Dairy All Cases
    Soda Bottles FOL
    Erector/Taper for Robotic Loading
    Case Closing System
    Oversized 37x28x18H Case