The 350CP is a fully automatic case, crate and tray loading system for higher throughput lines.  Similar to the 700CP, its flexible design enables quick change-over between sizes in minutes.  The double cam-track design enables its head beam to be expandable to the length required to load up to 6 cases at a time, thus increasing throughput.

Simple and proven mechanical cam following technology equates to ease of use and user-friendly operation.  Robust welded tubular steel frame, common non-proprietary components and the utilization of AC motors make it a favorite among maintenance staffs.


The 350CP Case Packer accommodates a wide variety of cultured and liquid dairy products, loading
containers into:
  • Corrugate Trays
  • Corrugate Cases
  • Standard Dairy Cases
    Pick and Place
    Loading at high speed is gentle and precise. (speeds up to 280 containers per minute).
  • full stainless steel construction
  • wash-down components
  • CIP and inspection reject for quick reset
  • FDA and UL approved components
    Sequence of Operation Example - Dairy Application
    Containers are accepted from your conveyor at up to 280 per minute onto the system primary single lane infeed. Containers are channelized from 1 lane into the 4 lanes across the conveyor.  Lanes are sequenced into a fixed flight delivering collated and registered containers to the pick area.

    Once containers arrive into the pick area, the 350CP’s head descends securing the product with vacuum grippers.  Containers are lifted vertically and placed within staged cases.  As an on-demand system, the cycle is repeated until the cases are completely packed.

    Utilities – Air

  • 220/3/60 NEMA 12 – (80PSI)
    Standard Components
  • Omron PLC
  • UL Approved Electrical Components
  • Solenoids (115vac)
    System Options
  • Product Layer Pad Inserting System
  • 3-Axis Pattern Rotation
  • Washdown Motors
  • Pattern Nesting
  • 480V Option

    2-Count Sleeve
    3-Count Sleeve
    Dairy Tubs in Dairy Case
    Adhesive Tape
    16oz Tubs 3x2x3 Staggered
    24oz Tubs 3x2x2 Staggered
    60mm Portion Cups
    75mm Portion Cups
    6oz Tubs 4x3 Staggered
    8oz Tubs 4x3 Staggered
    Stand-up Pouch (Liquid)
    Bottles in Sleeves
    Frozen Cake